Step By Step BMX Racing

STEP by STEP BMX Racing Video
"Learn How To Race BMX
and Win... In Just 30 Days"

At last, a step by step instructional video for bmx racing. Learn How To race BMX and Win! These are the same steps I used to learn to race bmx, win races and earn national rankings consistently over 20 years.

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Learn these steps and I am confident they will do the same for you...

From: Barry Page

Dear Friend:

Whether you dream of jumping big doubles at the track, impressing the crowd at races or winning a #1 plate -- this video shows you how to race bmx in a fraction of the time it would normally take learning on your own!

In just 30 days -- you can be racing bmx and compete on any track -- even if you feel you don't have a talented bone in your body!

Just imagine. Today you can't roll off the starting gate -- this time next month you're amazing crowds with your insane bike racing skills!

And the best part? There's no need for inconvenient and expensive face-to-face lessons - AND it's remarkably affordable too.

Here Are Your Options:

Some people turn to bmx clinics but they soon find that one lesson does not guarantee they will actually be able to ride bmx in the end.

With this video you get the clinic from pro veteran riders and you get to watch the video in the convenience of your home or practically anywhere, whenever you want, as many times as you want.

After all ... once the lesson is over, who is there to ask if you get stuck at any point? How can you continue if you haven't mastered the basics?

You need to be able to learn from someone who can already ride and then show you step-by-step. But here's the problem -- who do you ask?

Who has time to personally sit down with you and explain step-by-step how to race bmx and compete?

BMX tutors charge per hour or lesson. How much are you willing to pay him or her for their time?

Not to mention the scheduled commitments, traveling back and forth to lessons and clinics, trying to fit everything into your current workload...the list goes on.

That's why I've decided to make it super-easy for you to learn the hottest bmx tips by compiling them all into an exclusive video called:

"Step By Step BMX Racing"

Learn from REAL, accomplished professionals

Unfortunately, many bmx riders don't actually have a chance to learn, review and improve their skills. Why waste your time on empty smoke and mirrors when you can learn from those who have already made it in bmx? Personally ... I've always believed in the principle -- "Model someone who's already reached the goal you want to achieve."

Living by this principle, I have seen my bmx success skyrocket, achieving tremendous results. Results that have me living the life I've always dreamt of, racing bmx and training others.

Now listen up: This video will teach you a brand-new, comprehensive, hands-on approach that shows you the hottest bmx racing techniques available today, and has you racing bmx in no time!

No matter what your age or where you live -- with "Step By Step BMX Racing" you no longer need to attend bmx clinics or spend money on expensive lessons.

You will save time, money and aggravation by learning in your own home at your own leisure with image, text and sound to accelerate your learning and get you playing at the level you've dreamed of ... FAST!

Whether you're a beginner or a bmx novice with the basics, whether your bike is for dirt or street, in a few short hours, you'll learn the techniques you need to TRULY develop you own unique style of riding!

What Makes Step By Step BMX The BEST Way To Learn?

  • No more expensive lesson costs per hour.

  • No traveling to clinics and scheduled commitments.

  • No thick books you'll never read.

  • No prior bmx theory needed - You don't even need to know anything about bmx .

  • No extra postage and handling costs.

What you will get is:

1. Step-by-step teaching at your PC, or on your portable device, whenever it suits you.

2. The hottest tips and tricks to kick-start your skills and take you to a higher level FAST.

3. JAM-PACKED lessons bursting with pure dynamite information to accelerate your progress.

4. FULL money back guarantee if you're not satisfied within 3 days.

5. Special discounted price.

6. Easy to view video on your PC or portable device, PLUS video that plays in slow motion and rewinds at the touch of a button!

Get An Inside Look At What You Will Learn...


Learn the key elements of racing bmx:

  • How to choose a bike that suits you best

  • Rolling Jumps

  • Passing

  • Jumping

  • Gate Starts

  • How to stay motivated

"This Instructional Video can open up a whole new world for the bmxer. A beginner can watch this video and go to the track and apply what they've learned."
Dave Clinton
First #1 rider in the history of bmx and the first rider inducted into the ABA Hall of Fame.


"A must see for the bmxer wanting shortcuts to all the pro racing secrets."
Bill Madden
Owner XTRSKN Products and 25 year bmx veteran.

Step By Step BMX
An Instructional Video for BMX Racing
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